Decendants of Theobald Gerst
This family tree was last updated on March 15, 2021.
Total surnames1,465
Media objects21
Total events13,305
Total users1
Earliest birth year19Richard Dee Majors
Birth February 23, 19 -
Latest birth year2005This information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death year19Henry M. Bullin
Birth November 1850 - Indiana
Death 19 (Age ) -
Latest death year2020 Leighton Dea Garst
Birth June 29, 1949 25 -
Death June 24, 2020 (Age 70) - Austin, Tx
Person who lived the longest132Rev. Reuel Bowman Pritchett
Birth April 13, 1841 - Washington Co., Tn
Death April 2, 1974 (Age 132) - Blount Co., Tn
Average age at death58Males: 56   Females: 59
Family with the most children15Daniel Frantz + Anna Garst Gerst
Marriage - Lancaster Co., Pa
Average number of children per family1.74 
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Interactive tree of Theobald Gerst 
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Interactive tree of Theobald Gerst

Frederick "Indian Garst" Garst I 1842
Magdalena "Molly" Rauch
Johann Nicholas Garst II
Elizabeth unknown
Catherine Garst
Peter Frantz 17841866
Mary Gerst 1761
Christian Frantz Sr. 17621850
Magdalena Garst 17631829
David Peffley I 17611827
Anna Garst Gerst 17641821
Daniel Frantz 17631843
Jacob Garst I 17661854
Christine"Perhaps Anna" Christiana Unknown 1805
Eve Minter
Magdalena Landers 17711851
Marie Elizabeth Garst
David Frantz Sr.
Leonard Houtz 1766
Abraham Garst I 17701835
Mary Zehring
Katherine Ribble 17801841
Johann Nicolaus Gerst I 17271801
Mary Elizabeth Strathalter 17321788
Maria Engelina Gerst 1729
Ludwig Weidner
Maria Magdalena Gerst 17321770
Johan Friederich Gerst 17341739
Maria Catharina Gerst 1736
Jacob Wyrick 17541822
Peter Wyrick 17581830
Elizabeth Wirick 17581819
Christian Wyrick Jr. 1769
Mary Wyrick 1769
Margaret Wyrick 1769
George Wyrick 1769
Hetwig Margaret Gerst 17381828
Johann Christian Weirich 17331771
Barbara Gerst 1767
Maria Elizabeth Gerst 1768
Magdalena Gerst 1770
Peter Gerst 1771
Catherine Gerst
Dewalt Gerst II 1793
Frederick Gerst
Susanna Gerst
Anna Gerst
Peter Bany
Christina Gerst
Maria Mary Gerst 17861867
Margaret Greta Gerst
Frances Feronica "Franny" Garst
Johan Theobald Gerst 17411800
Susannah Unknown
Maria Elizabeth Gerst 1744
Johan Adam Gerst 17461750
Theobald Gerst 17021770
Magdalena Catherina Buerck 17021770
Michael Gerst
Barbara Unknown
Decendants of Theobald Gerst
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Theron Carson GarstGarst,Theron CarsonMay 9, 198803333Death 
Russell A GarstGarst,Russell AMay 9, 196815353Death 
Harry Allen NelsonNelson,Harry AllenMay 9, 196225959Death 
David GarstGarst,DavidMay 9, 193838383Death 
Nancy Elizabeth ThackerThacker,Nancy ElizabethMay 9, 192349898Death 
Nancy Virginia GarstGarst,Nancy VirginiaMay 9, 19095112112Death 
John Oscar GharstGharst,John OscarMay 9, 19076114114Birth 
Christian GrissoGrisso,ChristianMay 9, 18967125125Death 
Edith WilliamsWilliams,EdithMay 9, 18908131131Birth 
Margaret May GharstGharst,Margaret MayMay 9, 18829139139Birth 
Giles GarstGarst,GilesMay 9, 186010161161Death 
Mary GarstGarst,MaryMay 9, 185211169169Birth 
George W. GerstGerst,George W.May 9, 183912182182Birth 
Philip Hinkle Garst + Mary S. HagerGarst,Philip Hinkle + Hager,Mary S.May 9, 187613145145Marriage 
David J. Fleming + Elizabeth GarstFleming,David J. + Garst,ElizabethMay 9, 185814163163Marriage 
John Cline Houtz + Sarah Jane GarstHoutz,John Cline + Garst,Sarah JaneMay 9, 185515166166Marriage 
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