Gertie Franklin Frank Garst + Frances Ernestine Plain

No children

Parents Grandparents
Gertie Franklin Frank Garst Gertie Franklin Frank Garst
Birth January 3, 1898 42 32 -
George Thomas Garst George Thomas Garst
Birth October 16, 1855 29 - Kentucky
Death April 6, 1907 (Age 51) -
Virginia Bell Daniels Virginia Bell Daniels
Birth September 1865 - Kentucky

Frances Ernestine Plain Frances Ernestine Plain
Birth July 16, 1906 - Sacramento, Ky
Death December 28, 2017 (Age 111) - Calhoun, McLean Co., Ky
Family Group Information
Marriage 1930
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by: Chuck Garst

Frances Ernestine Garst (née Plain; 16 July 1906 – 28 December 2017) was an American supercentenarian who is currently unvalidated.

Garst was born in Sacramento, Kentucky, on 16 July 1906, to Onis Washington and Annie Woodburn Plain. In the late 1920s, she moved to Detroit where she worked for Chrysler making hubcaps. She married her husband, Gertie Franklin "Frank" Garst, in 1930. They worked together until 1933, when they moved back to Sacramento. The couple had no children, and Frank died in 1957.

Garst died in Calhoun, Kentucky, on 28 December 2017 at the age of 111 years, 165 days.

Ernestine Garst Riverside Care and Rehabilitation Center, October 2014

McClean Co. Woman Credits Long Life To God And UK Wildcats, 17 July 2015

McLean Co. Woman Celebrates 111th Birthday Tristate Homepage, 14 July 2017

There were a lot of birthdays happening across the Tri-State today. But in McLean County, a remarkable woman celebrated a remarkable milestone.

Ernestine Garst turns 111 years old.

"Every year it becomes more special," says T.L. Plain, Garst's nephew.

A special day for a special woman, celebrating a special milestone.

"I'm feeling pretty good for 111," Ernestine says. "I don't know of anyone that's lived that long."

Garst says she was impressed by the well-wishers who celebrated her 111th birthday.

"That's a miracle too that people would come out and see me. I didn't think there would be anybody here," she says.

"We're probably more appreciative of the turnout than Aunt Teen can even realize," adds Plain.

The woman, many know as aunt teen, is living through her 19th president, and lived many historic events. She doesn't miss a chance to vote or miss a chance to root for UK. She credits a higher power for her longevity.

"Well, the lord. I just give some credit to the lord," says Ernestine.

Plain says every birthday gets more special and more remarkable for everyone who knows and cares about her.

"This is a special, special day for us," he says. "We know we put a little pressure on Aunt Teen, but she handles it better than we do."

Within all the gifts, treats, and gifts of compassion, Ernestine says she's glad for experiencing this special day.

"I thank them for thinking about me. I appreciate it," says Ernestine.

(This story was originally published on July 14th, 2017)